roof repair or replacement

How to get ready for a roof repair or replacement in Milwaukee

A roof repair or replacement is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Modern roofing designs are not only beautiful, but they are also designed with unparalleled durability so that they can last as long as you will own your home.

As you prepare for your home’s roofing project, there are several things you can do to ensure a smooth unfolding of the job. Read on for insights.

roof repair or replacement
roof repair or replacement

Do a thorough roof repair or replacement homework

Just like we have seen, roof repair or replacement is a substantial investment. After you’ve decided to get a new roof, it is important to select several potential roofing companies close to you, who are capable of delivering exceptional work, quality materials and who will show unparalleled expertise.

As you begin to hold talks with prospective Milwaukee Roofing Contractors and begin to compare quotes, it is advisable to have a firm handle on the scope and size of your roofing project. Have a clear idea of the size of your roof and the number of materials needed. You can consult a roofing expert who will compute your roof’s surface area, the pitch of your roof, the number of trusses or rafters and the number of sheeting boards you might require for your project.

By having an idea of what is expected before the start of the roof repair or replacement project, you are less likely to underestimate the cost of your roofing project, something that can potentially increase the cost of your remodel.

Before the first hammer flies on your roof, you should have a clear idea of how the project will end. This is through proper planning that will allow for a smooth transition of the project.

Make Sure you choose a roofing company located close to you so that they have excellent access to the roofing site

Your roofers will need a good access to get the project done. Although most roofing companies try to work as neatly as possible, the process of tearing off an old roof and installing a new one is a massive project that will take up a lot of space in the perimeter of your house. To protect your outdoor items from debris and to ensure the roofers work as smoothly as possible, it is important to clear your driveways or sidewalks before the roofing crew arrives.

Where possible, move the cars and other items from your driveway. This will ensure that your cars, kids, toys and other things will are kept away from the falling debris or dust.

In addition, if there is any patio furniture around, grills or any other items near your house, you might want to move them into the garage or cover them with a tarp or a plastic sheet while the work is in progress.

Clear Your Valuables from the Attic

After finding a roofing company, you are guaranteed that the crew will try to minimize dust and debris accumulation during the installation works. There is however no way that you can get around the fact a roofing procedure is a messy and dusty job.

If you use your attic as a store for heirlooms or valuables, consider moving them to a safer location until the project is complete. If there are items that are excessively bulky or too heavy to move, try covering them with plastic sheets to protect them from falling dust and shingle debris.

Make proper arrangements for the Children and Pets

If you have young children and pets around, it would be best if you made prior arrangements for them to stay with a friend or a close relative during the roof repair or replacement project. The processes that take place during a roof tear-off and installations can be too noisy and can be disturbing to small children.

Construction materials can also be hazardous to children, many parents, therefore, choose to keep their kids indoors when the crew is working on site.

Try to Be a Good Neighbor

Chances are, your neighbors are nearly as excited as you are about your home getting a brand new roof. An exterior upgrade such as a new roof will boost your home’s value, as well as the value of nearby properties.

Before the roofing company gets started, however, it’s always good to give your neighbors a heads up that you will be replacing or repairing your roof. These small courtesies go a long way, especially if some small children and pets might be disturbed by the commotion that will inevitably occur during the installation.

roof repair or replacement
roof repair or replacement

Looking for a roofing contractor near you in Milwaukee? Nex Level Roofing offers a variety of skills meant to improve, protect, and enhance the value of your property. Consider us as your one-stop Roof Repair and Replacement Contractor. We have a functional internal structure that enables us to efficiently handle any roofing job from the very beginning to the end.

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Roofing Contractor In Milwaukee

Working with a Roofing Contractor in Milwaukee

When it comes to choosing the right home improvement professional, the best choice would be to stick with local contractors. This does not only give you a chance to support the local community, but it is also a way to ensure that you end up with a contractor who thoroughly understands your home needs.

Roofing Contractor In Milwaukee
Roofing Contractor In Milwaukee

There are many advantages of choosing Nex Level Roofing Contractors. Among the benefits of hiring us as your local roofing contractor in Milwaukee, is that you will be assured that we are well familiar with the local laws and regulations governing contractors in Milwaukee. This will help you avoid any legal problems connected to your home’s roof. 

Besides, we have a lot of experience working with the region’s climate, and we know the effect it might have on your roof. 

When is the right time to look for a Roofing Contractor in Milwaukee?

Before you begin your research on the locally available Milwaukee Roofing Contractors, it is important to determine if it is the right time for a roof replacement or repair. Starting from the attic or the upper levels of your home, you can easily sight any interior damage, such as rot or the growth of mold as a result of water or leaks. 

To know the extent of the exterior damage, it is advisable to check your roof from both an up-close location and from further away.

It is also important to know the type of material to be used in the construction of your roof. This is because every material has a different lifespan and a specified replacement schedule. For example, asphalt roofs need to be replaced after every 15 to 20 years, while slate roofs only need replacement after every 45 to 75 years.

Research Your Roof

For you to fully understand your project and which approach will be used by your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, you should have some basic knowledge in the aspects of roofing. 

This includes information about parts of your roof and the most common roofing issues that would most likely arise. Consult with Nex Level Roofing on all the available types of roofing material, including tile, wood, and rubber, among others. You will not only be provided with the correct information, but you will also get the perfect opportunity to check the general costs for different parts and labor.

Being well conversant with the various aspects of the roof repair, installation, and replacement, you will have more confidence before you engage the services of Nex Level roofing contractors.

How to find a trustworthy Roofing Contractor in Milwaukee

After you have done enough research about your roof, it is now time to find a Local Milwaukee Roofing Contractor for your project. You can check online and easily list your roofing requirements. You will simply be required to provide the type of roof you have, the kind of work you need to be done, and a little bit of background information on your home. 

After this step, you will be requested to provide a zip code so that you can start receiving quotes from different local roofing contractors. You can choose to engage a few different roofing contractors before settling for one with whom you can begin your roofing project.

Remember that most of these companies, especially independent contractors, only specialize in replacement or repairs. A local installer might not be very knowledgeable with repairs, and vice versa. Therefore make sure the one you engage is experienced in working with the materials you have or want, such as Nex Level Roofing.

New Roof Installation or Replacement

A properly installed roof will last 20 to 50 years. After this period, it would require a replacement. The cost of replacing or installing a roof ranges between $5,200 – $10,100. The cost may be a little more if you are looking at high-end materials. If you are hiring a pro to install a roof on a new home, confirm if:

  • The Roofing Contractor in Milwaukee has previous experiences with new construction
  • They can coordinate the installation with other contractors working on the home
  • They have people responsible for different parts of the structure

For example, you need to know if the contractor framing the house is in a position to install the sheathing, or your roofer can do it.

More Benefits of working with Nex Level Roofing Contractors in Milwaukee

Roofing Contractor In Milwaukee
Roofing Contractor In Milwaukee

Whether you are looking for a simple repair or a brand new roof installation, Nex Level Roofing has got you covered. Apart from being well conversant with the regional law and weather conditions, we will help you save a considerable amount of money and hassle that may have emerged from hiring contractors who are located far away from your home.

Call us today to get a free estimate for your roofing project

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Roofing contractor proposal

How to get the best roofing contractor proposal, for your roofing project

Choosing the roofing contractor

Finding the right contractor for your roofing project is not always easy. Roofing can be a big expense; you, therefore, want to make sure to choose the best roofing contractor for your project. Unfortunately, most people do not know what to look for precisely in the right roofing contractor. If you are hiring a contractor for the first time, the most important thing to be keen on is their proposal.

Roofing contractor proposal
Roofing contractor proposal

A lot of  Milwaukee homeowners prefer collecting bids from different roofing contractors before settling for the one that seems to makes the most sense depending on what they are looking for, both budget-wise and material-wise, plus the timeframe advertised. 

To choose the option that will work best for your project, you will need to have some knowledge about a roofing contractor proposal. This is where this post comes in. We are going to break down the processes of a roof repair or roof replacement contractor proposal, so that at the end of it, you know exactly what to look for, and how to tell which roof repair contractor is the best for your project.

Before coming up with a proposal, a Roof Repair Contractor will need some information from you first. This include:

Your Budget – You are required to inform your potential roofing contractor about your budget range. Although you might be forced to name a specified figure, you can always conduct a private research to have an idea of what is reasonable for the materials of your choice, or the size of your house, so that you have an accurate ballpark figure to give to the contractors to work with.

Your Choice Materials- Are you considering a metal roof installation or replacement? Asphalt? Or something a little different and dramatic such as ceramic tile? Whichever aesthetic you will be going for, you might want to let contractor in on it so they can put together an accurate roofing contractor proposal that correctly reflects the end goal. Various materials, distinct finishes, and varied colors all come at different price points, so make sure to be very clear about your choice materials and color for the project.

Your Preferred Timeframe – Does your roof repair project need to be completed by a specific time? When constructing a new home, the time frame is very important. This is because the roof has to be installed before the commencement of the interior construction. However, if you want a roof repair for an existing home; the timeframe might not be such a big issue. Still, you will need to loop the roofing contractor in any way.

A description of any Current Problems – The first step taken by any quality roofer is an inspection of your roof before they can provide you with the final roofing contractor proposal. However, if there are any other issues that you are aware of beforehand, you should tell your repair contractor. This will enable them to put the price of the other fixes into their proposal, to give you a more accurate estimate of how much you will be spending.

After you have given the contractor a basic idea of what you are looking for in the roofing project, they will draft a roofing contractor proposal and send it to over you. The proposal will serve as an outline for everything the roofer has to do, how they plan on doing it, and the total cost.

Things to double-check in the roofing contractor proposal

Although everything indicated on a roofing contractor proposal is important, there are a few things you would want to double-check, because it is expected that every quality roofer will include them. Similarly, a shadier roofing contractor might leave them out to quickly get your business, and they often charge you more money than you had expected.

The Itemized list of costs

Not all roofing contractors will automatically offer an itemized list of costs, but if you are set on comparing bids, it would be best if you asked for it. The itemized list will show you precisely what you are paying for in each aspect of your roof, from the cost of labor to material costs. 

This will give you a chance to compare each bid fairly against the others. 

Licensure and Workers Compensation

Roofing contractor proposal
Roofing contractor proposal

The other key line item you want to watch out for in the roofing contractor proposal is about licensure and workers comp. You will need to make sure that the roofer you hire is duly licensed and provides their workers with reasonable compensation. This will protect you from any liability that might occur on your property.

Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Company is the premier provider of roofing services on Milwaukee. For the most comprehensive proposal and the best price, contact us today.

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roof replacement project

Planning for a roof replacement project in Milwaukee

Today, the average cost of replacing a roof ranges between $6,400 and $15,840 in Milwaukee. For such a costly investment, you need to make sure that you choose a Milwaukee roofing contractor that will do the job right.

roof replacement project
roof replacement project

Here are some tips on how to get ready for your roof replacement project:

Inquire about the ventilation of the new roof

Proper ventilation has a considerable impact on your roof’s longevity. Improving your roof’s ventilation helps regulate the attic temperatures during the summer and minimizes moisture accumulation in the winter. When inquiring about your upcoming roof replacement project, remember to ask whether your contractor will include such features as gable and ridge vents.

Choose a roof based on its energy efficiency instead of its aesthetics

An energy-efficient roof will help lower your energy bills as your air conditioning unit does not have to work exceptionally hard to cool your home. Cool roofs are generally made of materials that do not readily absorb the sun’s heat. Apart from keeping your home’s interior comfortable, this also reduces the roof’s maintenance costs. While in the past, such roofs were mostly made of bright colors, dark hues are now becoming available. These are some of the most essential tips for your roof replacement project that most contractors will not talk about.

Think about installing low maintenance gutters

Misaligned and unsightly gutters will probably not augur well with your new roof. Choose a Milwaukee roofing company that provides low-maintenance and, preferably, seamless gutters. Another roof replacement tip is to choose channels that are not held in place by gable overhangs or eaves as these are susceptible to water damage.

Ask your roofing contractor to install an airtight chimney cap

Although chimney caps are quite inexpensive, they are often overlooked. A chimney cap reduces the energy consumption in your home by preventing heat from escaping and keeping snow, sleet, or rain from getting into your home. It also prevents animals such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, mice, and rats from accessing your home.

To prevent the formation of ice dams, consider installing eave flashings

Another tip to help you get ready for your roof replacement project is to consider eave flashings. They are your roof’s unsung heroes. This is a thin weather-proofing material which, alongside your roof’s underlayment, prevents moisture from getting to the shingles. Eave flashings also prevent the formation of ice dams.

roof replacement project
roof replacement project

Contact the trusted Nex Level Residential Roofing Contractor for help

If you think it’s time to re-roof your home, talk to a reputable Nex Level Roofing Company in Milwaukee about more roof replacement tips. This is very important because we will advise on whether your roof should be repaired or replaced.

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