commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee

Best Commercial Roofing Contractors in Milwaukee

The most reliable commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee 

Looking for commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee who offer a variety of local roofing services? Nex Level Roofing is a local family-owned, Milwaukee Roofing Company that is licensed & insured and provides full roofing services using high-quality materials for 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee
commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee

We have a fully trained team that is always up to date with the latest technological advances in the roofing industry. We are the perfect balance between quality roofing and fair prices. 

Having an unsafe roof can put you and your family in an uncomfortable and hazardous position. We specialize in commercial roofing installation, repairs, and routine maintenance. 

You can always count on us to help you determine the best roofing solution for your commercial roofing requirements. 

Are you finding it hard to decide on the best roofing system that will suit your property best? We gladly send one of our roofing consultants to our client’s home to access the roof. We have the certification and licensing required to operate in the roofing industry, so you can rest assured that the quality of our services will live up to standards. 

Commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee with decades of experience

Having been in business for more than 20 years, we provide 100% Free Estimates and Free Roof Inspections for all commercial properties, no matter the nature or size of the property. We will figure and install any roofing need from metal to flat roofs, with solutions that are custom made according to your specific needs- all at affordable prices. Our services in Commercial Roofing in Milwaukee include:

  • Installation and replacement
  • Leak repairs
  • Re-roofing
  • Maintenance
  • Green Roofs/Solar
  • New Construction
  • Inspections
  • Energy-efficient upgrades
  • Emergency storm repair
  • Missing/Broken shingle Metal Roofing

Our Capabilities as commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee

Whether you are looking for a total commercial roof replacement or roof repair, we are one of the best commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee that is fully equipped with the know-how, all the resources, and tools to get the job done with a record turnaround time. 

We have tackled all kinds of roofing jobs before, catering to small business owners to large fortune companies. We understand every challenge that any commercial flat or Milwaukee TPO Roofing may pose. 

After all, for maximum productivity, you cannot stay sidelined by leaky roofs and other damages.

Additionally, you have the safety of your employees to think about. You, therefore, need a robust and quality roof that can deliver on a promise of long-lasting durability. 

Early intervention makes the difference between the need for a roof repair and the need for a roof replacement. This is why you need to schedule for regular roof cleanup and maintenance from reputable roofing contractors Milwaukee. 

Nex level Roofing will come to your home or business premises for regular upkeep, remediation, and inspection all to ensure that your roof is in an optimal working condition. 

Commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee near me

As a business or property owner in Milwaukee, you want to be sure that your roof and withstand the nature of your lifestyle as well as the weather. 

Nex Level Roofing has successfully completed hundreds of projects through which we have developed quality artistry. Some of the quality that has contributed to our becoming one of the most successful commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee include a prompt customer’s service and straight talk.

commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee
commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee

So now, it up to you to make the right choice by selecting the best commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee for your Commercial Flat Roofing in Milwaukee or TPO roofing. Give us a call today and talk to one of our roofing consultants. They will win your trust within the first meeting, and henceforth, you will continually enjoy the quality services and affordable prices we have to offer.

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best price Milwaukee painting company

High Quality Painting Services from the best price Milwaukee painting company

Be assured of safety from coronavirus by the best price Milwaukee painting company

At Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee, the health and safety of our clients and employees is our first priority.  In response to the current public health situation related to coronavirus, we have been diligently following updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and opinions from medical professionals to make sure that we are taking every precautions to ensure your health and safety are always at the forefront of how we serve you.

On top of this, we strive to become the best price Milwaukee painting company, so that we can add color to your living space safely and affordably. Below are some of the reason why we are considered to be the best price Milwaukee painting company.

best price Milwaukee painting company
best price Milwaukee painting company

We feature a complete range of services at an affordable cost making us the best price Milwaukee painting company

Hire us for a complete range of services in interior painting. No project is too small or too big for our professional team. We will refresh your entire home, update your rooms, or conduct a simple paint trim and any other painting job you can think of, we are ready to work on it. We have all the painting tools ready and skills to create the home of your dreams. We will take some time to conceptualize your vision, get your home ready for the painting job, and perform our top-quality painting services that we are always proud to stand for.

Get the highest quality painting services at low prices from the best price Milwaukee painting company

Through the years of our experience, we have been able to include professional residential and commercial painters in our team, who are able to deliver the highest quality exterior and Interior Painting in Milwaukee. Whenever you want your floors or ceiling painted or are looking to upgrade a little area of your house, you can always rely on Nex Level Painting, the best price Milwaukee painting company, for high quality workmanship, affordable rates, and an outstanding customer service.

We also offer a range of other services including removing wallpapers or popcorn ceiling, and drywall or plaster repair. Our team of painters are both insured and bonded, and we make sure that they undergo an extensive screening of their background to make sure that we have the best.

Get Your Free Milwaukee Painting Services Quote Today from the best price Milwaukee painting company

We are dedicated to offering honest, upfront pricing to our customers so they are never surprised by our price estimates. Before we get started on any job, we will pay a courtesy visit to your home to discuss your color preference, budget and the results you are looking for. This has earned us the title of the best price Milwaukee painting company

Are you ready to start? Reach out to Ne Level Painting for a no-obligation estimate from the best price Milwaukee painting company!

The best color selection from the best price Milwaukee painting company

Choosing the right color of paint for your structure’s exterior can be understandably daunting. You shouldn’t do it alone! Let the best price Milwaukee painting company sit down and discuss the available color options with you and help you decide the most suitable color for your exterior. 

Our consultants will take you through all the basics of every scheme of house paint color to give you ideas, and help you find select the perfect color for your space.

Get the most honest price estimate for Milwaukee Interior Painting Services from best price Milwaukee painting company

best price Milwaukee painting company

At Nex Level Painting, you are guaranteed of a personalized, well detailed, and carefully drafted proposal that outlines the services we offer and an estimated cost of your paint job. We have skilled estimators who will give you an accurate price up front, so that you don’t have to worry about extra costs that you had not planned for. We make sure that every painting job is completed on schedule. No unpleasant surprises from the best price Milwaukee painting company

Talk to us today to get the most straightforward, personalized Interior and Exterior Painting in Milwaukee from the best price Milwaukee painting company.

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commercial roofing contractors

Advantages of hiring affordable services of commercial roofing contractors at this time

Why it is important to keep commercial roofing contractors close

While it appears at least in the short term, nearly every company or institution in America has been affected by the impacts of COVID-19, commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee are no different.  

Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Company has taken steps to makes sure that our services have continuity while employing a systematic approach to the safety and sanitation of both our clients and employees.

Skilled commercial roofing contractors
Skilled commercial roofing contractors

As it is with most other businesses in Milwaukee, we are standing on the side of extraordinary precautions, preparations, and planning at the same time while maintaining an extra-ordinary level of service to meet the expectations of our client and community during this trying times.  

We also encourage all residents of Milwaukee not to put off their roofing needs during this time. As professional commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee, we are always ready to attend to your commercial roofing needs, no matter the situation in the country.

Below are some of the benefits you will reap by hiring Nex Level Roofing as your choice of commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee

Skilled commercial roofing contractors to maintain and repair your commercial roof 

A new roof will protect you, your working equipment and your employees. If therefore, you are not vigilant in protecting your roof, you do not expect it to perform to its expected maximum lifespan. Nex Level commercial roofing contractors will implement a plan for your commercial roof maintenance, not only to increase the lifespan of your roofing substantially, but also for your peace of mind knowing that your business is well protected. 

Carrying out a comprehensive roof refurbishment for your Commercial Roofing in Milwaukee  is important if you want to prolong the life of your roof. Interestingly, in most cases, this has saved a lot of Milwaukee property owners millions of dollars in unexplained expenditure while having to relocate their business operations to make room for roof repairs.

The best commercial roofing contractors to work on Roof light Works on your commercial roof

If you have a dark building and would want more light and air in it, you can simply get new commercial roof with rooflight works by Nex Level commercial roofing contractors. Better lighting means a better working environment for your employees. More natural lighting in your building eliminates the need for artificial lighting, a good way to save money on lighting costs.

Rooflights come in different types and you can have yours replaced with equivalent or better products.  You can chose from either GRP profiled Rooflights, domed Rooflights, PVC Rooflights or Georgian wired glazing. The type of rooflights you go for will be determined by your project requirements.

Commercial roof Gutter Works from experienced commercial roofing contractors

To keep your guttering systems fully functional, a regular checkup is important after the installation of your new commercial roof. Gutters can get blocked by leaves and debris, mostly in winter and fall seasons. Try to deal with gutter problems in good time before they cause any damage to your new commercial roof by hiring the services of Nex Level commercial roofing contractors.

When is the best time to get your gutters checked by commercial roofing contractors?

  • At least one time each year
  • After a storm or heavy rains

Materials used by Nex Level commercial roofing contractors

  • TPO roofing for your new commercial roof

After every year, there is a noticeable rise in the use of Milwaukee TPO Roofing, and this year will be no different. Their sturdiness and aesthetic appeal assures business owners of a long term service on their commercial structures.  This has made them a valuable investment. Additionally, TPO roofing will save you a lot of money because they are ideal for reducing the cost of cooling and heating up your structure. 

  • Flat Roofing for new commercial roof

Commercial Flat Roofing in Milwaukee is another option for your new commercial roof. It offers a streamlined, minimalist, aesthetic for your entire home. There is a number of reasons why most business owner consider flat roofing as an affordable option.

commercial roofing contractors
commercial roofing contractors

Therefore do not wait until the condition of your commercial roof is irreversible. Hire Nex Level commercial roofing contractors today and avoid a possible disaster in the future.

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Milwaukee Roofing Contractors

Safety Precaution Efforts by Milwaukee Roofing Contractors to avoid the spread of coronavirus

Milwaukee Roofing Contractors are still very relevant, even with the closure of most businesses

Can you get a roof repair or replacement with the COVID-19 restrictions in Milwaukee? The answer is yes. After all, roofs still need repairing and replacing, virus or no virus, and many Milwaukee homeowners can’t wait for the end of corona with leaky roofs or roofs that let in cold air.

Milwaukee Roofing Contractors
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors

Coronavirus and the consequential social restrictions has resulted in the closure of some companies and changed the operation schedule of others. Roofing activities fall under the construction classification and are therefore considered to be essential services. Roofs are a critical component meant to keep residential and commercial structures weather tight and safe. This means that Milwaukee Roofing Contractors such as Nex Level Roofing will always remain relevant, no matter the situation in the world.

To serve our Milwaukee customers at best, we the Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Contractors have transitioned to digital operations and online technology to manage our upfront aspects of roofing repairs and replacements.

In this post, we will address most of our customer’s concerns, while being transparent and open, and following our core values as Milwaukee Contractors.

What financing options will Milwaukee Roofing Contractors offer you due to the coronavirus?

Are you wondering if your commercial roof repair or replacement is still on schedule in the coming weeks or month, and what are your financing options?

At Nex Level Roofing, we fully understand a huge percentage of Milwaukee businesses are strained financially and might not have the luxury to spend an extra bucks on roofing maintenance. But we can talk about it.

Perhaps, there is a way to push our terms back or prolong them. We want nothing more than to help you get a leak-free roof as soon as possible so that a dysfunctional is not among your problems during this down time.

Is it safe to allow Milwaukee Roofing Contractors to repair or replace your roof?

Do you still want your roofing project to move forward? The question on your mind right now probably is how safe it is to allow Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Contractors in your facility especially now that social isolation is highly recommended.

All roofing works will be done outside your facility, so you don’t have to worry about social distancing within your home or facility. In fact, when it comes to roof inspections and repairs, most of our business does not require any form of interaction with the inside of your facility. We are also ensuring that every contact needed is being done over the phone. 

Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Contractors make sure that every roofing project happening during these months has its own portable sanitation station, so that our roofers do not have to enter your facility for anything.

The portable station is equipped with sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, soap and water so that the roofers are totally safe before attending to your facility.

Will you be able to discuss roofing details with Milwaukee Roofing Contractors before a job?


Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Contractors will do everything possible to make sure your roof is leak-free and well taken care of. We will be there to solve your roofing issues in a safe manner.

What are the safety precautions from Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Contractors to avoid the spread of coronavirus?

Milwaukee Roofing Contractors from Nex Level roofing company are provided with the access to disinfectants. We also make sure that every job site has as few employees as possible to reduce overcrowding.

Milwaukee Roofing Contractors
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors

Our workplaces are kept clean and sanitized, according to the recommendations by the CDC.

We have also provided temporary remote jobs for our office personnel. This is done to encourage social distancing between our employees.

If you are worried about exposure to coronavirus as a result of having Milwaukee Roofing Contractors in your home, Nex Level Roofing Contractors will keep your home safe from a leaky roof and coronavirus. Hire our services, and rest assured of quality, safety and affordability.

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best price Milwaukee roofing

Get the best price Milwaukee Roofing services after the lockdown

Highest quality services and best price Milwaukee roofing

Due to cost and fear of allowing guests into your home at this time, you might be tempted to put off any roof repair or replacement plans, until after the coronavirus. Neglecting your roof now could cause further damages to your home and end up costing you even more after the coronavirus. Therefore, your roof is not an issue that should be neglected or ignored.

best price Milwaukee roofing
best price Milwaukee roofing

Nex Level Roofing Contractors in Milwaukee is offering you plenty of ways to save money on your roofing repair or replacement. We understand that almost everybody has been affected by the coronavirus financially and we are therefore offering the best price Milwaukee Roofing services to help you keep your roof in good shape. 

Below, we have explained why our services are ranked as the best quality and best price Milwaukee Roofing services.

With our experience, our quotes presents the best price Milwaukee Roofing Services

All your roofing problems will be solved in a single repair job if you hire the services of Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee. Our experienced roofers provide quality services that are a thousand times better than any other roofing company in Milwaukee. We have been handling roofing problems for years, and we get the job done right at first trial.

Our experienced roofers will save your time and money by identifying the real causes of damage to your roof and implementing the best solution possible. We are well equipped with outclass roofing materials so that we can provide a multi-layer protection for an enhanced life span of your roof.

The best price Milwaukee roofing with quality services for every roof repair and replacement

A durable Residential Roofing in Milwaukee will require few maintenance services and this will save you money in the long run. You can invest your stimulus check now in an experienced roofing company so that you can recover your money when you save on the cost of maintenance.

The durability of a roof is determined by the materials used when replacing it. Nex Level Roofing has never compromised on quality when it comes to our choice of materials or workmanship. Our years of experience in repairs and replacement has made us more conversant with the most durable roofing materials.

Alleviate Your Cost with the best price Milwaukee Roofing Services

Getting roofing repair or replacement from Nex Level Roofing will surely save your extra cost. As the best roofers in Milwaukee, we get our raw material in bulk that lessens our overall cost. Ultimately, this will save our client’s money since we offer the best price Milwaukee Roofing service charges.

Safety Assurance topped up with the best price Milwaukee Roofing

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your family. At this time when not everyone will welcome the idea of inviting roofers to their homes, due to the coronavirus outbreak, Nex Level roofing is well prepared and equipped to ensure your home remains free of the virus. 

Milwaukee New Roof Installation is not as simple as it may appear. It’s actually quite tricky and crucial. Therefore, to ensure safe and secure installations, hire Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee. We use the best material and provide trained labor for all our projects. We are quite familiar with how to tackle diverse situations when replacing or installing new roofs.

Pay the best price Milwaukee Roofing and get a Closer Inspection Facility

Inspection is the key to any roofing problem. Roofing problems are different and should be treated and handled differently. This is why Nex Level Roofing conducts a thorough inspection before coming up with a conclusion on how to repair a roof.

Not every roofing company can conduct a thorough roof inspection in Milwaukee. Only roofing companies that are expert in their line of duty can do this and address the issue accordingly. Nex Level roofing will tackle every issue at an expert level, with the right materials and provides the most appropriate solution to save your roof from further damage, all at the best price Milwaukee roofing.

Our best price Milwaukee Roofing services are backed up with a Warranty

best price Milwaukee roofing
best price Milwaukee roofing

Nex Level Roofing comes with its own manpower. We will provide you with the best materials, skills and highly trained labor all to enchant your experience. Along with our Milwaukee Roof Replacement and roof repair services, we offer both manufacturer’s and labor warranties. 

Therefore do not let the condition of your roof to deteriorate further, even at this time of restricted movements. Call Nex Level Roofing Company in Milwaukee for your free quote. Stay home safely with a quality roof in Milwaukee.

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35 - Save Now on Commercial Roofing in Milwaukee. Limited Time Only!

Save Now on Commercial Roofing in Milwaukee. Limited Time Only!

Save money on materials and labor by getting your roof repaired or replaced during this temporary down time.

After the Corona Virus is under control, roofing contractors will be quite busy and getting an available contractor will be next to impossible. It might get so busy that many homeowners will have to wait up to a month, and that’s if they can even find a reliable roofing company to replace their roof or do a roof repair.

Commercial roofing

Pricing will be another problem after this down time. Unfortunately, since it will be the busiest time for most roofing contractors, roofing suppliers will increase their prices. This will result in builders and roofing companies raising their prices as well. For this reason, Milwaukee homeowners are encouraged to take advantage of the low prices available now from Nex Level Milwaukee Roofing Company and replace and repair their roof this temporary down time.

One advantage of scheduling for your roofing job now is that Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee is not too busy during this time. Even with the slow business nature, we are not change our warranties based on the current economic downtime. We are offering the same exact warranty as roofs installed at any other time of the year. The best part is almost all of our services are now available at the biggest discounts of all times.

Why this’s the best time to get a roof repair or replacement

  • Preparations for home selling after the stay at home orders

Believe it or not, after this economic down time, your home will sell much better and faster immediately after the stay at home orders. So, if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, consider preparing for the coming rush season by having your roof repaired or replaced now. If, however, you don’t plans to sell, that’s fine too! Having your roof repaired or replaced now will have you relaxed when everybody else is rushing to get their roofs repaired before winter.

  • Large Savings

Another benefit of having your Commercial Roofing in Milwaukee repaired and replaced now is that Nex Level Roofing can help you save a significant amount on both material and labor costs. This is because we are looking at this as an off-season for the industry, so we are hoping to drum up whatever business we can, putting you in a better negotiating position for the repair and replacement prices. In terms of materials, on the other hand, we want to get rid of what we currently have as soon as possible to make way for the next season’s inventory.

Measures by Nex Level Roofing to ensure yours and your family’s safety during roof repairs or replacements.

  • Nex Level Roofing is Offering In-home estimates & virtual sales

Roofing experts from Nex Level Roofing are trained to follow CDC safety guidelines to keep you and your home safe. You can therefore reduce the risk of exposure by scheduling for a roof repair or replacement from home, thanks to the over the phone and virtual consultation that will have our roofers walking you through the selection of materials for Commercial Flat Roofing in Milwaukee and getting you an accurate estimate through your smart phone, tablet or laptop. 

  • Nex Level Roofing is the only company offering Mobile showroom 

Among all the countertop companies in Milwaukee, it is only Nex Level Roofing that has adapted with the market and is now offering a full in-home material exhibition for Flat Roofing, Roofing Shingles and Milwaukee TPO Roofing, where we will bring roofing material samples to your home and help you decide which one perfectly suits your structure.Commercial roofing

Did you have plans to get your commercial or residential roof repaired before the stay at home orders? Do not let the restrictions deter you from carrying on. Contact Nex Level Roofing for the safest, highest quality and most affordable roofing services in Milwaukee.

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33 - Lowest Prices of the Year on Residential Roofing Due to the Stay At Home Orders!

Lowest Prices of the Year on Residential Roofing Due to the Stay At Home Orders!

This is the best time to get your roof repaired or replaced!

While most Milwaukee homeowners prefer to repair their leaky roofs during the busy seasons in the home remodeling industry, roof repair and replacement services are available even now with the current down time. Apart from some material limitations, installing or replacing a roof now will be just as simple as it is any other time. The only difference is that Nex Level Roofing Contractors in Milwaukee are offering the biggest discounts for all their roofing services in Milwaukee.

roofing contractor
roofing contractor

And it’s worth it to repairing or replacing a roof during these slow business days. Even with the smallest of leaks, the consistent rainfall and moisture in Milwaukee can cause major damages to the structural integrity of your roof as whole. For example, if you have a leak in your roof, the expansion and contraction of the roofing materials that occurs due temperature differences can worsen it, and even more leaks may appear.

Since we do not know how long the Stay at Home Orders will last, postponing your roof repair might not be the best idea. Waiting for businesses to go back to normal might put limitations on your roofing contractor for their time and talent, and will also cost you more. 

What most people might not be aware of is that Nex Level roofers work year-round, and will do a better job during these slow days than any other time of the year. Besides, you stand to score more roofing benefits by scheduling for your roof replacement Now! 

Below are some benefits of having your Milwaukee roof replaced or repaired now:

  • Less Degranulation

Although Asphalt shingles are made of asphalt, they are coated in granules of ceramic material. With the high Milwaukee temperatures and direct sunlight descending on your Residential Roofing in Milwaukee, the asphalt part of your shingles will expand, resulting in the granules being slightly less adherent. Sometimes when a contractor is in a hurry when handling shingles, some of the ceramic granules are lost, a process called degranulation. Scheduling your roofing job during this down time will have your contractor more focused so that they can figure out how to reduce degranulation during the roofing work.

  • Easy Scheduling

Nex Level Roofers prepare for low season jobs every year. During the busy months when labor and materials are in high demand, we are sometimes forced to put some roofing contracts on a waiting list or delay them due to the amount of work and the limited labor and time we have to complete them. If you schedule for your Milwaukee New Roof Installation project in this slow period, you will enjoy a greater selection of availability, no waiting time, and unlimited skilled labor very eager to work on your home.

  • Safe Landscaping. 

Nex Level roofers are very considerate of the landscaping surrounding your structure. Roof removal and repairs will result in some debris. The scaffolding, ladders and foot traffic can also result in some damages in your yard. During this down time, flowers, trees, bushes and grass are in their dormant modes, making them less susceptible to damages. Foot traffic on your dormant grass will be less impactful than it would have been in the busy times.

  • Lowest prices

If all the above benefits have not convinced you enough, this will definitely get your attention. Milwaukee Roof Replacement Services from Nex Level Roofing are much more affordable during this temporary down time. During the peak of roofing season, materials and labor are at a premium. Contractors raise the price of materials, and time is in short supply. The combination of these factors increase the bids on roofing projects. Hiring a roofing contractor now, when skilled labor is readily available and Nex Level Roofers have discounted the cost of material to get their inventory moving, you will be able to save good money and get the best quality of services.roofing contractor  1024x779 - Lowest Prices of the Year on Residential Roofing Due to the Stay At Home Orders!

Contractors from Nex Level Roofing are still in business even as most of the other roofing companies in Milwaukee are closed for business due to Corona Virus. So if you are ready to get the highest quality services from the keenest roofing professionals, at half the normal price, reach us today.

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34 - Why Now is the Time to Buy Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Milwaukee during Atlanta Stay At Home Orders

Why Now is the Time to Buy Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Milwaukee during Atlanta Stay At Home Orders

This is the best time for Milwaukee homeowners to take care of any project they may have been putting off all year. 

It’s admittedly tempting to put off improvement projects during this period. We all want to spend more time with family especially because of fear of exposure. It may seem easy to just wait until the Corona Virus is under control to complete some much-needed work.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services

This time, however, is the most ideal time to give your home or office space a fresh paint coat. Hiring a professional at this time for your Interior or Exterior Painting in Milwaukee has its benefits.  There are a number of advantages for a home or business owner to do so.

Why this is the most Ideal time for Painting

Below are good reasons why you should consider hiring a professional painting company to paint your home or business at this time.

  • Save Money on commercial painting

Don’t wait until the end of the stay at home period to get your business painted.  Nex level Professionals painters will typically be heavily booked after this period, with our team scheduling projects months ahead due to the high demand. Prices will also be higher because of the laws of supply and demand.

Business everywhere has been a bit slow during the past few weeks. Not to worry, having your business painted now will enable you to save money. Nex Level painters are offering special discounts during this time. You can get a great deal now, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line.  Spend less and use the extra savings for paying your employee’s bonuses or other improvements.

  • Enjoy More Flexibility for Interior Painting Projects

Due to the slow business for professional painters, Nex Level painters have more flexibility to adjust to your home’s daily schedule. We can work around the available hours and even add additional painters to your project if needed to expedite its completion. If you want your Interior Painting in Milwaukee to be done for a few hours during the day, our professional painters are ready meet more timelines that will work best for you and your family.

  • Fewer Interruptions in commercial painting

It’s common that most employees have taken some time off the offices to work from home. This makes this a great time for Nex Level professional painters to get started on your project. This will limit delays, mishaps and distractions caused by employees accidentally touching wet paint on walls and so on. Our painters can come in and do their job quickly without having to stop frequently to accommodate ongoing business proceedings.

  • Save Time 

Another great benefit of having your business painted during this slow period is painters can complete the project much faster.  You don’t have to compete with other customers as you would have during the busy months when professional painters are super busy. With more manpower available to contribute to the painting project, it will get done way ahead of schedule. 

Painters from Nex Level can focus solely on your home or business without rushing, making sure to get you a quality finish. The painting project will take less time when we have more resources and attention set aside just for it. Book your paint project now to get your project completed quickly.Interior Exterior Painting Services  - Why Now is the Time to Buy Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Milwaukee during Atlanta Stay At Home Orders

Take advantage of the low prices and huge discounts from Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee to get the best quality interior and exterior painting services. We use high-quality products and take pride in pleasing all our customers with a quality finish. To get started on your painting project, contact us for a free estimate.

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32 - YES, You Can Still Get Home Improvement & Contractor Services in Milwaukee. Here is Why You Should Buy No

YES, You Can Still Get Home Improvement & Contractor Services in Milwaukee. Here is Why You Should Buy No

Get the best Home Improvement & Contractor Services in Milwaukee Now!

During this down time period of the Corona Virus, Nex Level Roofing contractor in Milwaukee continues to put their tools to work for inspections; raking and sweeping roofs repairing damages to roofs; performing tree service, and even installing new roofs. By continuing to serve our clients and stay visible in the Milwaukee roofing industry, our stay-busy roofing experts are laying a foundation for a good season immediately after the stay at home orders.Contractor Services

At this time when we are all dealing with the coronavirus, it’s very important, more than ever, to ensure your home is adequately protected. That’s why Nex Level Roofing is not taking any chances when it comes to properly maintaining your home remodeling needs while at the same time, ensuring your health is our number-one priority.

Our Digital Solutions for the convenience of our customers

From online roof maintenance scheduling, digitally analyzing of roofs, side planning phases, to a new culture of social distancing and safety communication tools to avoid face-to-face interactions during any Milwaukee in-home installation, Nex Level Milwaukee Contractors are implementing safety precautions that will allow you to maintain the home environment you need—while ensuring the safety of your family.

Software set up for this slow business period

Nex Level Roofing contractor has more than just the hardware to put to use in this down time. Having a team of rapidly growing hi-tech roofers, we can leverage the power of software to seed our business for a bumper crop of new opportunities for during this down time. 

Best of all, with the virtual sales software, you can tap into any roofing service because thanks to our remote, unlimited roof measurement and roof simulation app, we will be able to respond as fast as possible. From the comfort of your office, home or even while swinging in a hammock in your backyard, you can now access amazing discounts for Milwaukee roofing services that will make you think of us whenever someone mentions how amazing and well maintained your roof is.

Why this is the best time to get a roof repair or replacement

There are huge roofing discounts available over the slow period – As a customer, you will get a much better deal on different roofing materials if you choose to install a new roof or get a roof replacement now.  Nex Level Roofing is offering massive savings to keep our workers employed, hence offering roofing services at the lowest prices of all time. 

There are limited roofing materials in our stores – With the current supply chain problems, sourcing for roofing materials might be a little difficult later. At Nex Level, we need to move inventory from last season, we will be therefore, giving out huge discounts on selected roofing materials, but these deals are limited exclusively to what is in our stores. 

Investing in your home is the safest places to put extra money – During a down market, the safest place to keep your money is investing it back into your home. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but you will be confident that if roofing prices go up later, you will not be caught up in the rush of trying to budget or grab for the cheapest materials.  Additionally, stock markets and banks are unpredictable at this time so it is better to invest the money in your home.

Contractor Services

A roof replacement or repair is a worthy expense, an important investment in your home, adding to the overall value of your property, preventing secondary damage, and providing you with peace of mind especially during these days of uncertainty. Having your roof replaced before an emergency arises will always be a smart move. 

Therefore don’t wait until it’s an emergency to have your roof repaired or replaced, even with the ongoing stay at home Orders. Call Nex Level Roofing Contractors for a free consultation today. 

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commercial roof replacement

How to know it’s time for a commercial roof replacement

What will prompt you to get a commercial roof replacement?

The more your commercial roof is exposed to different weather elements, and the more it gets old, and the weaker it becomes. There are some commercial roofs which can be easily fixed with simple repairs, but even with this, a time will come when you will require a commercial roof replacement. If you have been noticing some recurring problems with your commercial roof, take it seriously and do something about it. These small problems can turn out to be catastrophic for you and your business.

Having a commercial roof replacement might not sound very exciting, but remember that it might be a life saver for your business. Nobody likes the headaches that come with expensive projects, because they can put quite a dent in your budget especially if not anticipated. Nonetheless, think of a commercial roof replacement as adding more soundness to your business. Therefore, how do you know it’s the right time to get a roof replacement? Below, we are going to discuss six reasons why you should get a commercial roof replacement.

You need commercial roof replacement if you have moisture in the building.

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement

Of course, not every business owner would inspect their structure from time to time, you only realize that something is terribly wrong when you notice water leaking into your building. Other sighs include water stains on the walls, the smell of mildew, and water paddles on the floor. These signs require an action immediately, and the best course of action is getting a commercial roof replacement.

If you have damage to your flashings, you will need a commercial roof replacement.

The systems surrounding the edges of your roof, stacks, pipes, rakes, or chimney are referred to as the flashings. Their purpose is to act as a barrier between the protrusions on your roof and the materials used for roofing. They can easily be damaged, and suffer deterioration such as cracks and holes, and this often result in leaks. This kind of damage cannot be repaired, you will need a commercial roof replacement.

If you notice gaps on the seams, you will need a commercial roof replacement

Checking the roof seams might be a challenge especially without a professional roofer present. It would be a good idea to leave this task to a professional. The roof seams are some of the most vulnerable parts of your system, a little tear in the seam can compromise the whole roofing system and interfere with the barrier standing between your roof and your structure’s interior.. If you confirm the severity of the breakdown, your only choice would be to get a commercial roof replacement.

If there is poor insulation in your roofing system, you will need a commercial roof replacement

There should be adequate insulation within your structure so that there is a steady temperature circulation throughout the day. This means that in winter, warm air can stay inside whereas in summer, cool air from the A/C is can circulate smoothly. This kind of insulation is determined by your roof, therefore if you notice a sudden hike in your energy bill, you might need a commercial roof replacement.

Roof warping will force you to get a commercial roof replacement

Through visual inspection, if you notice any distortion visible, this could mean something is very wrong underneath. The kind of distortions we are referring to here include warping and bubbling roof membranes. They are caused by excess moisture accumulating on the roof, and can appear as blistering. If you are able to see them early enough, you can have them repaired. However, depending on the extent of the damage, a commercial roof replacement is inevitable

You will need a commercial roof replacement if there are Dips and sagging in your Roof.

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement

The installation of your commercial roof should be done in such a way that the roof can support its own weight. Therefore, if you notice a change in the level of your roof, such as a dip or a sag, request for urgent check up by a professional. If possible, get a commercial roof replacement immediately. 

Do you require the services of a commercial roof installer in Milwaukee? Nex Level Roofing is a Milwaukee roofing expert specializing in commercial roof replacement needs. Talk to our experts and have them access your roof.

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