Although the simple design of a flat roof may seem like a fundamental notion, the construction materials are what really matters. After a period of tar and gravel dominance, most flat roofing constructions are now dominated by the use of PVC; a synthetic resin membrane that has both durability and strength features.

With the wealth of experience portrayed by Nex Level Roofing in this trade, make us the PVC roofing contractors of your choice and let us discuss the best solution for your flat roof needs.

 PVC roofing for commercial structures
PVC roofing for commercial structures

PVC Flat Roofing

By consulting with Nex Level Roofing contractors Milwaukee, you are assured of being always notified about the best quality materials for your specific flat roof needs. Despite the durability of PVC roofing for commercial structures, there will always be a slight chance that your roof will require some maintenance at some point.

The common causes of PVC membrane leaks are in case a hot welded seam was not adequately attended to by your original installer. As a roofing contractor in Milwaukee, you can count on Nex Level to provide you with any repair works you might need, it does not matter how major or minor.

To protect your industrial or residential units, we employ professional, qualified industrial roofers. This is a worthwhile investment because we have managed to build a brand in the Milwaukee region

PVC Flat Roofing Repair

Apart from flat roof repair consultations, we also specialize in refurbishing PVC roofing for commercial structures to modernize and improve their functionality. With different materials available in our stock, including PVC membranes, we can assist you in designing your refurbishment or replace your flat roof.

Through waterproofing and employing better insulation, your business stands a chance of benefiting from a more conducive working environment, thanks to better control of harsh temperatures by Nex Level Roofing as well as a sufficient utility bills savings by avoiding loss of heat.

Thanks to the durability of PVC membranes from Nex Level Roofing, your roof will not require any maintenance any time soon hence improving your company’s carbon footprint.

 PVC roofing for commercial structures
PVC roofing for commercial structures

An Industrial Flat Roofing Specialists

As a Milwaukee local busniess, you can rest assured that Nex Level Roofing contractors will employ all means available to ensure that you have the best flat roofing services by using the highest quality PVC single-ply membranes. We also work within a client’s design specifications and budget to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. It does not matter the size of your job; our keen attention to detail ensures that we only provide you with the materials that are best suited for your roofing needs.

With the modern roofing material technologies such as PVC, making your roof more resistant to water and weather is much easier. This is why, as a PVC specialist, we are equipped with the knowledge to give your roof the protection it needs. Our motto is built on customer satisfaction, which means that we will go the extra mile to ensure that you end up with the best roofing solution.

Nex Level Roofing is made up of experts who are skilled in the cladding of PVC roofing for commercial structures, tailored to match the requirements of your premises. We aim for quality results at all times, and we never take the easy way out. Work with our approachable and professional team to determine the best design for your commercial flat roof, refurbishment, or repair.

Our Single Ply PVC

PVC Roofing Systems were initially established in Germany, more than 30 years ago. PVC Roofing System is among the first versatile thermoplastics used in commercial, residential, and industrial applications. PVC products are reinforced membranes with a harsh solvent or hot-welded seams. The material has dimensional stability and unmatched durability.

PVC Roofing sheets are made from blending plasticizers, a factor that is responsible for the flexibility of the membranes. The softeners also allow the membrane to be suitable for different temperatures, and its resistance to ozone. The manufacture of PVC membranes has been done to different specifications to accomplish flame retarding results, resistance to algae growth, and Ultra-Violet light. PVC roofing material is an excellent choice for restaurants and food joints. PVC membranes are also aesthetically pleasing, reflective, lightweight, and resistant to tearing.

Nex Level Roofing applies PVC Roofing Systems using three different approaches: loose-laid or ballasted, fully adhered, or mechanically attached. For each application, we have a design that has been engineered to match your building structure. We will then heat- weld the seams together to create an effective waterproof roof system. The seams all are equal and stronger than the membrane itself.

We are always aiming for your satisfaction in the outcome of our work. Therefore for all your flat roofing Milwaukee requirements, contact us now so that we can decide the best application for your industrial roofing needs.