The metal production process involves the destructive removal of the earth’s natural resources, emission of fossil fuels, land degradation, destruction of wildlife, and exhaustive use of water and energy.

Recycling metal, however, can be done countless times, each time with a less negative impact on the environment. You have probably come across the three Rs of recycling (Reduce, reuse, recycle), which is meant for a number of waste products, not necessarily metallic. The best waste to recycle among the classification of recyclable is metallic waste because it is a natural resource that will never deplete and can be reshaped into a new product countless times.

re-roofing in Milwaukee
re-roofing in Milwaukee

Below, we have highlighted some reasons why you should recycle metal when re-roofing in Milwaukee

Environmental benefits

Recycling metal conserves the natural resources by significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions because much less energy is used in recycling, than when curving metal out of virgin ore. Production of new metal emits alarmingly enormous amounts of greenhouse gasses. Not only do these gases pollute the environment in industrial areas, but they have been proven to play a part in climatic changes and are responsible for a number of respiratory complications. Additionally, using recycled metal for re-roofing in Milwaukee in place of virgin ores guaranteed 97% less waste from mining activities and utilizes 40% less water.

Saving the natural resources

There is a fixed amount of metal on earth, meaning that metal does not regenerate like soil. Based on this math, one day, we will eventually run out of metal, if something is not done about ore mining. One way to ensure that the available metal does not deplete is by recycling the already available metal for re-roofing. This will not only eliminate the need to dig up precious resources, but it will also ensure that wildlife’s natural habitat is not destroyed and that trees or forests remain intact.

Reduced landfill space and protecting the soil

Each year, Australians send so much steel to landfill that, if it is combined, it can aid in the manufacture of over 40,000 fridges. When we dump scrap metal in landfills instead of recycling them, we are slowly leaching very toxic chemicals into the soil, which eventually damages the soil’s integrity. Groundwater is also contaminated in the process, and in the near future, new plant life will have difficulties growing, and eventually, there will be no new life growth at all. If we still want Mother Nature to maintain her beauty, we need to start roofing recycling campaigns as soon as now.

re-roofing in Milwaukee
re-roofing in Milwaukee

If we all embraced the recycling of metal, we would not only have contributed a significant part in environmental conservation, but this can generate over 3 million job opportunities all over the world, more than the number of jobs created through sending roofing metal to the incinerator.

Nex Level Roofing Company in Milwaukee is actively involved in metal recycling campaigns in Milwaukee. We encourage all our clients to embrace this movement too.

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