What will prompt you to get a commercial roof replacement?

The more your commercial roof is exposed to different weather elements, and the more it gets old, and the weaker it becomes. There are some commercial roofs which can be easily fixed with simple repairs, but even with this, a time will come when you will require a commercial roof replacement. If you have been noticing some recurring problems with your commercial roof, take it seriously and do something about it. These small problems can turn out to be catastrophic for you and your business.

Having a commercial roof replacement might not sound very exciting, but remember that it might be a life saver for your business. Nobody likes the headaches that come with expensive projects, because they can put quite a dent in your budget especially if not anticipated. Nonetheless, think of a commercial roof replacement as adding more soundness to your business. Therefore, how do you know it’s the right time to get a roof replacement? Below, we are going to discuss six reasons why you should get a commercial roof replacement.

You need commercial roof replacement if you have moisture in the building.

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement

Of course, not every business owner would inspect their structure from time to time, you only realize that something is terribly wrong when you notice water leaking into your building. Other sighs include water stains on the walls, the smell of mildew, and water paddles on the floor. These signs require an action immediately, and the best course of action is getting a commercial roof replacement.

If you have damage to your flashings, you will need a commercial roof replacement.

The systems surrounding the edges of your roof, stacks, pipes, rakes, or chimney are referred to as the flashings. Their purpose is to act as a barrier between the protrusions on your roof and the materials used for roofing. They can easily be damaged, and suffer deterioration such as cracks and holes, and this often result in leaks. This kind of damage cannot be repaired, you will need a commercial roof replacement.

If you notice gaps on the seams, you will need a commercial roof replacement

Checking the roof seams might be a challenge especially without a professional roofer present. It would be a good idea to leave this task to a professional. The roof seams are some of the most vulnerable parts of your system, a little tear in the seam can compromise the whole roofing system and interfere with the barrier standing between your roof and your structure’s interior.. If you confirm the severity of the breakdown, your only choice would be to get a commercial roof replacement.

If there is poor insulation in your roofing system, you will need a commercial roof replacement

There should be adequate insulation within your structure so that there is a steady temperature circulation throughout the day. This means that in winter, warm air can stay inside whereas in summer, cool air from the A/C is can circulate smoothly. This kind of insulation is determined by your roof, therefore if you notice a sudden hike in your energy bill, you might need a commercial roof replacement.

Roof warping will force you to get a commercial roof replacement

Through visual inspection, if you notice any distortion visible, this could mean something is very wrong underneath. The kind of distortions we are referring to here include warping and bubbling roof membranes. They are caused by excess moisture accumulating on the roof, and can appear as blistering. If you are able to see them early enough, you can have them repaired. However, depending on the extent of the damage, a commercial roof replacement is inevitable

You will need a commercial roof replacement if there are Dips and sagging in your Roof.

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement

The installation of your commercial roof should be done in such a way that the roof can support its own weight. Therefore, if you notice a change in the level of your roof, such as a dip or a sag, request for urgent check up by a professional. If possible, get a commercial roof replacement immediately. 

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