34 - Why Now is the Time to Buy Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Milwaukee during Atlanta Stay At Home Orders

Why Now is the Time to Buy Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Milwaukee during Atlanta Stay At Home Orders

This is the best time for Milwaukee homeowners to take care of any project they may have been putting off all year. 

It’s admittedly tempting to put off improvement projects during this period. We all want to spend more time with family especially because of fear of exposure. It may seem easy to just wait until the Corona Virus is under control to complete some much-needed work.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services

This time, however, is the most ideal time to give your home or office space a fresh paint coat. Hiring a professional at this time for your Interior or Exterior Painting in Milwaukee has its benefits.  There are a number of advantages for a home or business owner to do so.

Why this is the most Ideal time for Painting

Below are good reasons why you should consider hiring a professional painting company to paint your home or business at this time.

  • Save Money on commercial painting

Don’t wait until the end of the stay at home period to get your business painted.  Nex level Professionals painters will typically be heavily booked after this period, with our team scheduling projects months ahead due to the high demand. Prices will also be higher because of the laws of supply and demand.

Business everywhere has been a bit slow during the past few weeks. Not to worry, having your business painted now will enable you to save money. Nex Level painters are offering special discounts during this time. You can get a great deal now, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line.  Spend less and use the extra savings for paying your employee’s bonuses or other improvements.

  • Enjoy More Flexibility for Interior Painting Projects

Due to the slow business for professional painters, Nex Level painters have more flexibility to adjust to your home’s daily schedule. We can work around the available hours and even add additional painters to your project if needed to expedite its completion. If you want your Interior Painting in Milwaukee to be done for a few hours during the day, our professional painters are ready meet more timelines that will work best for you and your family.

  • Fewer Interruptions in commercial painting

It’s common that most employees have taken some time off the offices to work from home. This makes this a great time for Nex Level professional painters to get started on your project. This will limit delays, mishaps and distractions caused by employees accidentally touching wet paint on walls and so on. Our painters can come in and do their job quickly without having to stop frequently to accommodate ongoing business proceedings.

  • Save Time 

Another great benefit of having your business painted during this slow period is painters can complete the project much faster.  You don’t have to compete with other customers as you would have during the busy months when professional painters are super busy. With more manpower available to contribute to the painting project, it will get done way ahead of schedule. 

Painters from Nex Level can focus solely on your home or business without rushing, making sure to get you a quality finish. The painting project will take less time when we have more resources and attention set aside just for it. Book your paint project now to get your project completed quickly.Interior Exterior Painting Services  - Why Now is the Time to Buy Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Milwaukee during Atlanta Stay At Home Orders

Take advantage of the low prices and huge discounts from Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee to get the best quality interior and exterior painting services. We use high-quality products and take pride in pleasing all our customers with a quality finish. To get started on your painting project, contact us for a free estimate.

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32 - YES, You Can Still Get Home Improvement & Contractor Services in Milwaukee. Here is Why You Should Buy No

YES, You Can Still Get Home Improvement & Contractor Services in Milwaukee. Here is Why You Should Buy No

Get the best Home Improvement & Contractor Services in Milwaukee Now!

During this down time period of the Corona Virus, Nex Level Roofing contractor in Milwaukee continues to put their tools to work for inspections; raking and sweeping roofs repairing damages to roofs; performing tree service, and even installing new roofs. By continuing to serve our clients and stay visible in the Milwaukee roofing industry, our stay-busy roofing experts are laying a foundation for a good season immediately after the stay at home orders.Contractor Services

At this time when we are all dealing with the coronavirus, it’s very important, more than ever, to ensure your home is adequately protected. That’s why Nex Level Roofing is not taking any chances when it comes to properly maintaining your home remodeling needs while at the same time, ensuring your health is our number-one priority.

Our Digital Solutions for the convenience of our customers

From online roof maintenance scheduling, digitally analyzing of roofs, side planning phases, to a new culture of social distancing and safety communication tools to avoid face-to-face interactions during any Milwaukee in-home installation, Nex Level Milwaukee Contractors are implementing safety precautions that will allow you to maintain the home environment you need—while ensuring the safety of your family.

Software set up for this slow business period

Nex Level Roofing contractor has more than just the hardware to put to use in this down time. Having a team of rapidly growing hi-tech roofers, we can leverage the power of software to seed our business for a bumper crop of new opportunities for during this down time. 

Best of all, with the virtual sales software, you can tap into any roofing service because thanks to our remote, unlimited roof measurement and roof simulation app, we will be able to respond as fast as possible. From the comfort of your office, home or even while swinging in a hammock in your backyard, you can now access amazing discounts for Milwaukee roofing services that will make you think of us whenever someone mentions how amazing and well maintained your roof is.

Why this is the best time to get a roof repair or replacement

There are huge roofing discounts available over the slow period – As a customer, you will get a much better deal on different roofing materials if you choose to install a new roof or get a roof replacement now.  Nex Level Roofing is offering massive savings to keep our workers employed, hence offering roofing services at the lowest prices of all time. 

There are limited roofing materials in our stores – With the current supply chain problems, sourcing for roofing materials might be a little difficult later. At Nex Level, we need to move inventory from last season, we will be therefore, giving out huge discounts on selected roofing materials, but these deals are limited exclusively to what is in our stores. 

Investing in your home is the safest places to put extra money – During a down market, the safest place to keep your money is investing it back into your home. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but you will be confident that if roofing prices go up later, you will not be caught up in the rush of trying to budget or grab for the cheapest materials.  Additionally, stock markets and banks are unpredictable at this time so it is better to invest the money in your home.

Contractor Services

A roof replacement or repair is a worthy expense, an important investment in your home, adding to the overall value of your property, preventing secondary damage, and providing you with peace of mind especially during these days of uncertainty. Having your roof replaced before an emergency arises will always be a smart move. 

Therefore don’t wait until it’s an emergency to have your roof repaired or replaced, even with the ongoing stay at home Orders. Call Nex Level Roofing Contractors for a free consultation today. 

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commercial roof replacement

How to know it’s time for a commercial roof replacement

What will prompt you to get a commercial roof replacement?

The more your commercial roof is exposed to different weather elements, and the more it gets old, and the weaker it becomes. There are some commercial roofs which can be easily fixed with simple repairs, but even with this, a time will come when you will require a commercial roof replacement. If you have been noticing some recurring problems with your commercial roof, take it seriously and do something about it. These small problems can turn out to be catastrophic for you and your business.

Having a commercial roof replacement might not sound very exciting, but remember that it might be a life saver for your business. Nobody likes the headaches that come with expensive projects, because they can put quite a dent in your budget especially if not anticipated. Nonetheless, think of a commercial roof replacement as adding more soundness to your business. Therefore, how do you know it’s the right time to get a roof replacement? Below, we are going to discuss six reasons why you should get a commercial roof replacement.

You need commercial roof replacement if you have moisture in the building.

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement

Of course, not every business owner would inspect their structure from time to time, you only realize that something is terribly wrong when you notice water leaking into your building. Other sighs include water stains on the walls, the smell of mildew, and water paddles on the floor. These signs require an action immediately, and the best course of action is getting a commercial roof replacement.

If you have damage to your flashings, you will need a commercial roof replacement.

The systems surrounding the edges of your roof, stacks, pipes, rakes, or chimney are referred to as the flashings. Their purpose is to act as a barrier between the protrusions on your roof and the materials used for roofing. They can easily be damaged, and suffer deterioration such as cracks and holes, and this often result in leaks. This kind of damage cannot be repaired, you will need a commercial roof replacement.

If you notice gaps on the seams, you will need a commercial roof replacement

Checking the roof seams might be a challenge especially without a professional roofer present. It would be a good idea to leave this task to a professional. The roof seams are some of the most vulnerable parts of your system, a little tear in the seam can compromise the whole roofing system and interfere with the barrier standing between your roof and your structure’s interior.. If you confirm the severity of the breakdown, your only choice would be to get a commercial roof replacement.

If there is poor insulation in your roofing system, you will need a commercial roof replacement

There should be adequate insulation within your structure so that there is a steady temperature circulation throughout the day. This means that in winter, warm air can stay inside whereas in summer, cool air from the A/C is can circulate smoothly. This kind of insulation is determined by your roof, therefore if you notice a sudden hike in your energy bill, you might need a commercial roof replacement.

Roof warping will force you to get a commercial roof replacement

Through visual inspection, if you notice any distortion visible, this could mean something is very wrong underneath. The kind of distortions we are referring to here include warping and bubbling roof membranes. They are caused by excess moisture accumulating on the roof, and can appear as blistering. If you are able to see them early enough, you can have them repaired. However, depending on the extent of the damage, a commercial roof replacement is inevitable

You will need a commercial roof replacement if there are Dips and sagging in your Roof.

commercial roof replacement
commercial roof replacement

The installation of your commercial roof should be done in such a way that the roof can support its own weight. Therefore, if you notice a change in the level of your roof, such as a dip or a sag, request for urgent check up by a professional. If possible, get a commercial roof replacement immediately. 

Do you require the services of a commercial roof installer in Milwaukee? Nex Level Roofing is a Milwaukee roofing expert specializing in commercial roof replacement needs. Talk to our experts and have them access your roof.

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Milwaukee roofing

Different types of Milwaukee roofing materials for residential use

When you decide to get a new Milwaukee roofing material, you will be spoilt for choice, with the vast types of materials to choose from – although you will notice that not all materials are the same. Depending on the architectural design of your home, your personal preferences and your budget, there is a material suited for your out there. Let us look at some of your options for Milwaukee roofing materials

Milwaukee Roofing materials for residential roofing

With residential roofing, there are dozens of materials to choose from, although it is always advisable to get a better closer look before you make a decision. You do not have to use the same materials you have been using in the past – if you have a new construction going on, the sky is your limit.

Milwaukee roofing
Milwaukee roofing

Asphalt Shingles for Milwaukee roofing

Majority of homes in Milwaukee have Asphalt Shingles roofing – they are actually the most standard roofing method all across the USA. If you are looking for a long lasting affordable solution, they are the best choice. They are available in a huge range of styles and colors so that you can customize your own design.

You can get Asphalt shingles in 3-tab or architectural designs. The standard 3-tab shingles, will result on a uniform flat look. Architectural asphalt shingles on the other hand, will result in a deep and dimensional stylish look.

There is also the option of fiberglass and organic shingles. Most Milwaukee homeowners will always get the opinion of a professional before making the final decision.

Metal Milwaukee Roofing

If you were to remember correctly, your great-grandfather’s barn had a metallic roof, and it would be no surprise if this roof is still going strong even after 100 years.

Metal roofing has recently started to resurge after an increased demand for a durable roofing materials that will be both eco-friendly and versatile.

Metal roofing is produced in rolls, although in most cases, the more rigid sheet roofing is available in vertical-seam panels or modular press-formed panels that can be coated or painted with granules.

The production process allows for customization so that the results is different appearances options such as the traditional metallic roofing styles and roofing that is made to imitate shingles, tiles and shakes. Materials used in manufacture of metal roofing include aluminum, zinc, and lightweight steel. There are copper metal roofing but a very expensive option!

Synthetic Slate Milwaukee Roofing

This is another increasingly popular Milwaukee roofing material. It is known both for durability and sturdiness, plus it’s a low maintenance option. The features of Synthetic Slate include a 4th class impact resistance, which makes it the best material for areas with hail storms. It is also classified as a first class material according to fire ratings. Most synthetic slate roofing have been known to withstand more than 110 mile-per-hour winds.  You can get them with a limited lifetime warranties.

Solar tiles Milwaukee Roofing

In the modern day, we have seen the production of solar tiles made to look like normal tiles. They are manufactured using glass, and made into four different designs.

The production of solar tiles involves adding glass to photovoltaic (PV) substrate. The two materials are then wired to a Powerwall that will integrate your roof with the electrical system of your house. The recommended solar tiles coverage for an average home or ranch is 35-70 percent, depending on your design requirements.

Milwaukee roofing
Milwaukee roofing

The regular non solar tiles have no PV substrate. They are therefore much cheaper, and will look just like solar tiles.

There is no limit to the types of Milwaukee roofing materials. For a better coverage of most of them, contact the roofing experts at Nex Level Roofing. We can also advice you on the best type of roofing material for your needs.

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new commercial roof

Smart ideas for your new commercial roof

Thinking of getting a new commercial roof? In this post, we are going to discuss some smart ideas for your new commercial roof.

Maintaining and repairing your new commercial roof

 new commercial roof
new commercial roof

A new roof will protect you, your working equipment and your employees. If therefore, you are not vigilant in protecting your roof, you do not expect it to perform to its expected maximum lifespan. Implement a plan for your commercial roof maintenance, not only to increase the lifespan of your roofing substantially, but also for your peace of mind knowing that your business is well protected. 

Carrying out a comprehensive commercial roof refurbishment project is important if you want to prolong the life of your roof. Interestingly, in most cases, this has saved a lot of property owners millions of dollars in unexplained expenditure while having to relocate their business operations to make room for roof repairs.

Rooflight Works for your new commercial roof

If you have a dark building and would want more light and air in it, you can simply get new commercial roof with rooflight works. Better lighting means a better working environment for your employees. More natural lighting in your building eliminates the need for artificial lighting, a good way to save money on lighting costs.

Rooflights installation can be made into a refurbishment project.  You can also opt for Rooflight replacement if your existing Rooflights is old and damaged or some of the lighting works is not functional.

Rooflights come in different types and you can have yours replaced with equivalent or better products.  You can chose from either GRP profiled Rooflights, domed Rooflights, PVC Rooflights or Georgian wired glazing. The type of rooflights you go for will be determined by your project requirements.

Gutter Works For your new commercial roof

To keep your guttering systems fully functional, a regular checkup is important after the installation of your new commercial roof. Gutters can get blocked by leaves and debris, mostly in winter and fall seasons. Try to deal with gutter problems in good time before they cause any damage to your new commercial roof.

When is the best time to get your gutters checked?

  • At least one time each year
  • After a storm or heavy rains

Material ideas for your new commercial roof

  • Metal Roofing for your new commercial roof

After every year, there is a noticeable rise in the use of metal roofing, and this year will be no different. Their sturdiness and aesthetic appeal assures business owners of a long term service on their commercial structures.  This has made them a valuable investment. Additionally, metal roofing will save you a lot of money because they are ideal for reducing the cost of cooling and heating up your structure. 

  • Solar Roofing for your new commercial roof

The advancement and growth of solar roofing systems for new commercial roofs is something we expect to see throughout this year. People are becoming more and more environmental conscious. For both individual business owners and organizations, the most preferred roofing method is the one which can save both energy and money.

  • Flat Roofing for new commercial roof

Flat roofing is another option for your new commercial roof. It offers a streamlined, minimalist, aesthetic for your entire home. There is a number of reasons why most business owner consider flat roofing as an affordable option. These include:

  • Flat roofs are comparably more affordable
  • The cost of repairs for flat roofs is very low because they suffer very little damage over time and there are fewer complications in their lifespan.
  • Performing a maintenance check on a flat roof is much safer

     new commercial roof
    new commercial roof

Still want more ideas for your new commercial roof? Contact Nex Level roofing for professional roof installation and maintenance in Milwaukee. We will take you through different roofing styles and help you choose the best one for your project.

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commercial roofing in 2020

Trends for commercial roofing in 2020

What trends do we expect to see for commercial roofing in 2020?

The year 2020 is still very young, and most of Milwaukee homeowners are still in the planning stages of the projects that need their attention this year. Some of these project are common for most homeowners everywhere such as small repairs on plumbing, checking to make sure all light bulbs are working, checking up on the smoke detectors, and cleaning their gutters. For others, among the projects planned for this year, roof repairs or getting a new roof are the most important.

commercial roofing in 2020
commercial roofing in 2020

If roofing repairs and replacement is among your planned projects for this year, it will be in your best interest to know the trends for commercial roofing in 2020 so that you can give some of them a good thought. This way, before you contract a local roofer in Milwaukee, you will have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

Trends for commercial roofing in 2020

According to commercial roofing experts in Milwaukee, the following are some of the most sought after trends for commercial roofing in 2020.

More Advanced software for commercial roofing in 2020

In the past couple of years, most industries, especially in roofing, have been experiencing an advancement in technology. We also expect to see more of this trend in 2020, with Milwaukee roofing contractors exploiting this advancement for better measurements of roofing surfaces and better record keeping. Better software advancement in 2020 will also allow roofers to customize roofs according to their client’s specifications, through templates or other online software for a more streamlines process to save time and money.

Introduction of drone survey for commercial roofing in 2020

Real estate professionals are now making use of drones more than anyone else. Roofing experts have adopted the use of drones for roof inspections. In the past years, there had been a lot of accidents caused by roofers climbing on top of roofs to get a closer look.  With the price of drones becoming more and more affordable, they have become a logical choice for most roofing experts.

Going green in commercial roofing in 2020

Trends for commercial roofing in 2020 will bring about more eco-friendly and designer roofing, commonly referred to as “green roofs”, throughout the country. It is quite easy to spot a green roof. They basically make your house look like there are bushes growing on the roof. Actually because they do. Green roofing makes use of layers of soil, some waterproof membranes, and some vegetation. This will not only be a beauty to behold, it will also help you save money on electricity bills.

Use of solar roofs for commercial roofing in 2020

Solar roofing falls under the category of green roofing. Today, it is possible to get a solar panel that is more business friendly. To business and homeowners who are interested in making their own energy, solar panels is the best option. This will help them reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

Flat Roofing options for commercial roofing in 2020

In 2019, there was a remarkable increase in the use of flat roofs, and still in 2020, flat roofs are expected to get more favor from business owners. They are perfect for modern business structures, and are also being used for residential purposes. Flat roofing is both economic and versatile. You can enhance your flat roof with solar panels or cover it with a reflective coating to save energy. If you are looking for a budget roofing option, then Flat roofing is your best bet in Milwaukee.

Asphalt Shingles for commercial roofing in 2020

commercial roofing in 2020
commercial roofing in 2020

Asphalt shingles is another trend that seems to continue into 2020. The modern types of asphalt shingles have been rated as some of the most versatile due to their availability in different styles and colors. It is quite easy to match them with any architecture.

Looking for more ideas in commercial roofing in 2020? Contact Nex Level Roofing in Milwaukee. We are conversant with Milwaukee neighborhood and all the code requirements. Let us help you decide the best roofing style for your commercial building.

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Milwaukee commercial roofing

Top Reasons to Hire a Milwaukee Commercial Roofing Expert VS a Standard Roofer

When your roof begins to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to call a Milwaukee commercial roofing expert. Although all commercial roofing contractors in Milwaukee, and elsewhere claim to be the best, it is important to find one that can deliver you optimum value for your investment. Hiring a Standard Roofer can cause more harm than good, as the final cost can easily surpass your estimate. Moreover, substandard workmanship may result in the need to install a new roof, sooner than it should.

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2020 Nex Level ROOFING 1 - How to Clean and When to Replace a PVC roof in Milwaukee

How to Clean and When to Replace a PVC roof in Milwaukee

How do you know when to replace a PVC roof?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is hands down the best low slope and flat roofing material on the market today. Engineered to be flexible, strong and UV reflective, PVC roofing can easily last 20 years here in the Pacific Northwest. The flexibility of PVC roofing makes it easier for roofers to install the product around roof penetrations like vents, chimneys and skylights. Valentine Roofing employs experienced PVC crews that receive ongoing training in installation and product knowledge.

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How Long Do Milwaukee Commercial Roofs Last - How Long Do Milwaukee Commercial Roofs Last?

How Long Do Milwaukee Commercial Roofs Last?

Milwaukee commercial roofs lifespan can vary and usually depends on the type of materials used and the installation process. Most business owners, building managers and maintenance engineers want to know ahead of time what kind of roofing materials are going to be the most stable and lasting for their particular building design and roof line, and they obviously want one that doesn’t require immediate or short term replacement. In order to get a better idea of what is available and to determine lasting ability.

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2020 Nex Level ROOFING 2 - How to Choose the Right Commercial Roofers in Milwaukee

How to Choose the Right Commercial Roofers in Milwaukee

Why you should look for expert Commercial roofers in Milwaukee

You should never attempt to install or repair a commercial roof on your own. This is because they are more complex than residential roofs. If the roof is leaking, it just has to be repaired because the water can damage your products. You should instead find expert Commercial roofers in Milwaukee. Though there are many contractors out there, some of them are not reliable because they don’t have the experience that’s needed to handle such projects. However, finding the right commercial roofing contractor can be a piece of cake when you know what to look for when hiring such professionals. Below is a checklist that should guide you when hiring a commercial roofing expert.

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