When you decide to get a new roof in Milwaukee, you will be spoilt for choice, with the vast types of materials to choose from – although you will notice that not all materials are the same. Depending on the architectural design of your home, your personal preferences and your budget, there is a material suited for you out there. Let us look at some of your options for Residential Roofing in Milwaukee.

Residential Roofing in Milwaukee
Residential Roofing in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Residential Roofing Options

With residential roofing, there are dozens of materials to choose from, although it is always advisable to get a better closer look before you make a decision. You do not have to use the same materials you have been using in the past – if you have a new construction going on, the sky is your limit.

Asphalt Shingles for residential roofing

Majority of homes in Milwaukee have Asphalt Shingles roofing – they are actually the most standard roofing method all across the USA. If you are looking for a long lasting affordable solution, they are the best choice. They are available in a huge range of styles and colors so that you can customize your own design.

You can get Asphalt shingles in 3-tab or architectural designs. The standard 3-tab shingles, will result in a uniform flat look. Architectural asphalt shingles on the other hand, will result in a deep and dimensional stylish look.

There is also the option of fiberglass and organic shingles. Most Milwaukee homeowners will always get the opinion of a Professional Roofing Expert before making the final decision.

Metal Residential Roofing

If you were to remember correctly, your great-grandfather’s barn had a metallic roof, and it would be no surprise if this roof is still going strong even after 100 years.

Metal roofing has recently started to resurge after an increased demand for a durable roofing materials that will be both eco-friendly and versatile.

Metal roofing is produced in rolls, although in most cases, the more rigid sheet roofing is available in vertical-seam panels or modular press-formed panels that can be coated or painted with granules.

The production process allows for customization so that the results is different appearances options such as the traditional metallic roofing styles and roofing that is made to imitate shingles, tiles and shakes. Materials used in manufacture of metal roofing include aluminum, zinc, and lightweight steel. There are copper metal roofing but a very expensive option!

Synthetic Slate Milwaukee Roofing

This is another increasingly popular choice for Residential Roofing in Milwaukee. It is known both for durability and sturdiness, plus it’s a low maintenance option. The features of Synthetic Slate include a 4th class impact resistance, which makes it the best material for areas with hail storms. It is also classified as a first class material according to fire ratings. Most synthetic slate roofing have been known to withstand more than 110 mile-per-hour winds.  You can get them with a limited lifetime warranties.

Solar tiles Milwaukee Roofing

In the modern day, we have seen the production of solar tiles made to look like normal tiles. They are manufactured using glass, and made into four different designs.

The production of solar tiles involves adding glass to photovoltaic (PV) substrate. The two materials are then wired to a Powerwall that will integrate your roof with the electrical system of your house. The recommended solar tiles coverage for an average home or ranch is 35-70 percent, depending on your design requirements.

Residential Roofing in Milwaukee
Residential Roofing in Milwaukee

The regular non solar tiles have no PV substrate. They are therefore much cheaper, and will look just like solar tiles.

There is no limit to the available options for Residential Roofing in Milwaukee. For a better coverage of most of them, contact the roofing experts at Nex Level Roofing. We can also advice you on the best type of roofing material for your needs.