When homeowners ask us how long their roof will endure, we answer with a reach. For example, a tile roof will last 10 – 50 years, and metal roofs will last 20 – 50 years. These are the wide ranges. In this way, you might be wondering what the difference is between a roof that needs early replacement and one which endures its full life expectation. Weather conditions, installation, and type of material will play a part in the life expectancy of a roof. In any case, the only variable you have control over is roof maintenance.

Roofs which are appropriately maintained basically last longer. Whether you have a metal, shingle, tile, or solar roof, taking good care of it will broaden its life.

Here is a more details glance at the suggested support for normal roofing materials in Milwaukee.

roof maintenance and repair in Milwaukee
roof maintenance and repair in Milwaukee

Metal Roofs

In Milwaukee, a key deciding component in metal roofs’ lifespan is how much salt rain the roof is exposed to. Salt in the air will speed up the erosion rate of a roof. How do you limit this issue? The best way is to have your metal roof regularly cleaned with fresh water. The water flushes away the salt development, decreasing consumption and prolonging the life of your roof.

If your home is 1500 feet or less from the sea, you need to have your metal roof washed two times every year. Homes between 1500 feet and 1 mile from the water need to be washed yearly.

Shingle Roofs

If you run your hand over a shingle, you’ll feel its rough texture. This surface is as a result of the granules on the outer layer of the shingle. The granules offer protection, and when they erode, your roof is bound to leak. Modern shingle makers specifically design the shingles to stick to the granules to the extent that this would be possible. Proper roof maintenance and repair in Milwaukee, therefore, includes keeping these granules intact.

Over the past years, we’ve seen so many Milwaukee homeowners pressure wash their shingle roofs to eliminate residue build up. Tragically, this causes more damage as it dislodges the granules. We prescribe a gentler cleaning technique to forestall granule wear.

While cleaning a shingle roof, you should also be careful to limit traffic on the roof. All in all, try not to stroll on the roof whenever the situation allows, since stepping on the shingles can dislodge granules.

roof maintenance and repair in Milwaukee
roof maintenance and repair in Milwaukee

Tile Roofs

The best tile roof support bases on two goals. The first is to forestall the roof tiles from breaking. Next is to keep the metal top glimmering from eroding. Both eroded top glimmering and broken tiles can result in leaks underneath the tiles. When water runs underneath the tiles, it behaves like a stream, dissolving away the waterproof boundary underneath the tiles. Also, when this boundary is compromised, your tile roof becomes obsolete.

To safeguard the metal blazing, make sure you wash your tile roof with water regularly. To safeguard the tiles, you should limit traffic on the roof. Try not to stroll on the tiles, and trim any tree limbs that might fall on your roof during a storm. Nex Level Roofing Program is also a good method to prolong the life of your tile roof.

Solar Roofs

Solar Roofs are the least maintenance option of all normal roof types. The metal parts should be washed occasionally to keep them from eroding. The rest of the roof is produced using glass. This glass is made to be durable, and it doesn’t need careful cleaning or support to last.

You still need to have your Solar Roof occasionally inspected by a Solar Roofing Certified Installer. This way, any issues can be noted and fixed immediately.

Nex Level Roofing Company is devoted to helping Milwaukee homeowners with getting as many years as possible out of their roofs. We offer roof inspections, cleaning and maintenance programs for a healthy and longer roof service. We also offer complete repair services for tile, shingle, and metal roofs. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for roof maintenance and repair in Milwaukee. Our knowledgeable, proficient roofers will be glad to help you prolong your roof’s lifespan.